Grace continues services at Stelco

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Nanticoke - Grace Instrumentation is proud to contribute support services for ongoing projects at Stelco Lake Erie Works as the plant enters a new phase of renewal.

New position for Grace employee

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Western Canada - Grace Instrumentations Western division is headed up by Trevor Beddome. Trevor has worked for us for a few years and has a wide range of contacts and knowledge and has several years of industrial experience, most recently working for Grace in Saskatchewan at the Boundary dam and Queen Elizabeth projects. Grace is excited to have Trevor representing them in Western Canada. You can contact Trevor directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Grace Instrumentation is ISO Certified

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SIMCOE – Grace Instrumentation is pleased to announce it has received its ISO 9001:2015 certification for the installation, calibration and maintenance of industrial process instrumentation systems, including pressure piping systems.

Scott Marr, VP of operations, said successful journey to certification can be rested largely on the work of Keith deMontfort, Grace’s Advisor, Managed Systems.

“Keith brought a wealth of knowledge to the ISO process, creating an integrated management system we use every day,” said Marr.

“As a specialty subcontractor, we are always looking for ways to bring extra value to our customers. ISO does that and it also provides us with the tools we need to carry out our business more effectively and more efficiently.”

Grace’s customers will benefit from the renewed emphasis on its quality systems and risk analysis tools inherent in the new ISO 9001:2015 standard.

For questions about Grace Instrumentation and its new certification, please call 519-428-2091.

Truck of the Month

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Welcome to our Truck of the Month feature. We'll tell you about some great trucks and why you should know about them.  No agenda. Just a truck worth mentioning.

New employees to Grace

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Logan Emslie, an Engineer-In-Training, recently joined the Grace professional services team. Logan has working in a consulting role with a key energy provider in the Niagara area as the client works to upgrade key production systems. He is currently working with the team at Napanee G.S. as a project coordinator.

Tristan O’Neill is jumping on the Grace bandwagon – moving from a diverse career as a manufacturing engineering technologist in the mining and agricultural sectors to construction. We are happy to have him on board as he joins the team in Napanee as a project coordinator.

Employee of the Month

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SIMCOE – Grace's security chief, P. Marr, has been crowned employee of the month, and in turn has been rewarded her own personal parking spot. Grace has congratulated P. Marr for her fantastic work, and services at Grace, and are always happy to have her on the team.

This article was created by Nathan deMontfort, as a project at his dad's workplace. Nathan is a student at Simcoe Composite School, and was taking part in its "Take your kids to work" day.

Grace Instrumentation is COR certified

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Safety is COR at Grace Instrumentation & Controls Ltd. This month, the company became COR-certified after receiving a passing grade following COR’s rigorous audit process.

Certificate of Recognition (COR) is an occupational health and safety standard that verifies a fully implemented health and safety program which meets national standards.

“In other words, COR makes you walk the talk,” said John Donovan, health and safety manager responsible for implimenting COR.